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20% off KSBar gift cards today. In-store or online at ksbarandgrille.com

It's one of the biggest discounts you'll see today. Second only to UL Basketball taking 100% off of their win total this year.

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Finally got everyone kicked out of the house from Thanksgiving - especially that annoying little brother.

Take some time for yourself with our all day happy hour, today and every Sunday.

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Cats vs. Cards at 3pm.

Pregame show starts at 11am right here at KSBar.

Shuttle starts at 1pm.

Let's freaking do this.

#Catsby90 #BBN #itsaparty

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Had enough of Aunt Karen and sweet potato casserole?

Celebrate Thanksgiving the proper way - by re-asserting our dominance over England.

We've got the biggest game of the day on the biggest screen in town. Kickoff is 2pm, get here early for the best seat!

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Hope your feast looks as good as this.

Today and every day we are thankful for your continued business and support.

We are closed today so our staff can be with their families, but we will be back at it tomorrow for all the football (both kinds).

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Today's schedule

11am - WINGSDAY specials $1 traditional wings .70 boneless

11:30pm - KSR pregame show LIVE from KSBar

2pm - Happy Hour starts

4pm - Cats vs North Florida

7pm - Live Team Trivia

You know darn well you ain't working today so get in here!

#BBN #Catsby90

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Are we even allowed to call this an appetizer? Who eats this and decides they need an actual meal afterwards?

Could be good prep for Thanksgiving though. Stretch those stomach walls a bit.

Come getcha some.

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Wake up y'all, time to get ready to go watch a future National Champion football team. Georgia will be there too.

1) 11am Open
2) 11:30am Pregame show LIVE from KSBar
3) 1:15pm Cat Walk
4) 1:30pm Shuttles start running
5) 7:00pm post-game party
6) Don't park at Dairy Queen

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TONIGHT! Enjoy the musical stylings of Brandon Reiger from 8pm - 11pm live on the KSBar stage.

Pouring Bourbon for as low as $4/pour all night!

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Hows about we go ahead and kick off Black Friday a week early?

20% KSBar gift card purchase $25+

Get them in restaurant or buy online and get it emailed directly to you.


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You asked for it, you got it. New garbage dog on the menu tonight! $6 while supplies last.

All beef dog, burgoo and banana peppers.

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It's #NationalPickleDay - a good time to remind you that our Fried Pickles are LEGIT

And you can also get some for FREE when you sign up for our new loyalty program. Details here:


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NFL Sunday sponsored by @daychaser.

All day happy hour specials to help you get over that football game from yesterday.

Come mourn among friends and take your frustrations out on some wings.

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Cats vs Vandy today at Noon!

Lunch menu and shuttle to Commonwealth Stadium starts at 10am.

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Doing our damnedest to make Thursday your favorite day. ...

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